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Welcome to the newly redesigned website for Fitness Factors.  We are here to assist you in obtaining your fitness goals.  We are your vitual coach in achieving Total Life Fitness:  Spirit, Mind, Body.  Please visit us often for more tips on Diet and Exercise as well as spiritual matters that will help you live the Best Life that God desires for you. 

I am Lin Bennett, your Virtual Fitness Coach and my desire is to see you achieve optimum fitness in your life to become all that God would have you to be!

 Continue to strive for your goals and you will see results!


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Fitness Factors has personal training services available.  If you would like to find out more information about our services, please feel free to Contact Us.



  Would you like to have Minister Lin Bennett speak at your next event?  Whether it be a Fitness/Wellness Workshop or a Worship Service Ministry Moment, Lin is available. 

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